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Promoting Relaxation and Mindfulness

Helping People Feel and Function Their Best 

My Journey in Health & Wellness started over 28 Years ago when I obtained my Massage Therapy License from the Austin School of Massage Therapy. After starting my business, I have achieved many certifications in different disciplines. Some of the courses and certifications are: Massage Therapy Instructor, Bowen Practitioner,

Reiki Master/ Karuna Holy Fire Teacher, Spiritual Meditation Practitioner, Alternative Health Care, CARE Certified Raindrop Practitioner, Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Ordained Minister .

Throughout the years, I have studied under some very amazing instructors that have guided and taught me how to share and teach clients, friends, and family members how to achieve better health and wellness.


Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Feel free to explore my website to check out the massage therapies that I offer and upcoming class schedules as well as my merchandise. For more information, get in touch with me today. 

Pamela J Merrill, LMT, MTI,

                      Bowen Practitioner

Mission and Vision

Helping people to empower themselves to improve and maintain health and wellness through education and healing. 

You can rely on me to always ensure that you receive the care and service that you need.


Hot Stone Massage

Promoting deeper muscle relaxation by placing heated and smooth stones on the body

Swedish Massage 

Gentle pressure that helps to relax and warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension in the body




A holistic technique that addresses the body as a whole.

light pressure moves to the muscular/skeletal/fascial/lymphatic systems & energetic pathways.

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