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What our customers are saying

My daughter had injured herself while training for cross country. Pamela worked her magic and got my daughter back aligned and feeling better. She was also helpful with advice on techniques for my daughter to use while running. Highly recommend her! 

Amy Renfro Battles

There are so many things to say about Pamela for who she is, and her work. From the first time, I met Her GENIALITY was Present. Her work is a Healing for All to experience, As a Therapist Myself I Highly recommend Her for any Physical and Spiritual challenges one may have.

Bill William Britt

Pam is a wonderful Massage Therapist Healer and Teacher! At the end of every session, I’ve felt like I’m in a different world and extremely blissed out. Massage Therapists are like a hairstylist, once you find that one person that you connect with and does amazing work you stick with them forever. Which I instantly knew Pam was “My Massage Therapist” before our first session even started. Everything about her is calming and therapeutic, the feeling is very angelic. She’s always helped me wit, be it energy work, my neck/back hurting, getting certified in Reiki, or learning more about essential oils. I myself am a massage therapist/healer and there isn’t anyone I’d rather go to! Book a session with her ASAP and see what I am talking about

Shelby Grimes

Pamela is an amazing health and wellness partner! I was a client for several years and never felt better. Her deep tissue massage is a must for those weekend warriors that play an extra 9, run an additional mile, or squeeze in on extra yoga class. I have yet to find anyone as good as Pamela since she moved to San Angelo. Jane Porter McCoy.

Will be hard to find a better massage anywhere. Pamela pays attention to the details most others miss and takes her clients’ wellness personally. Always left feeling rejuvenated and ready to lift weights again. Always the first that comes to mind when needing treatment.

Greg Keys

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